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If you need a new burglar alarm monitoring system in your home, you should take a look at what Trust Security has to offer. The company has been serving customers in the Atlanta metropolitan area since 1990, and has a number of products that will help you to keep your business safe as well.

Burglar alarm monitoring systems that Trust Security offers include Lynx Plus and Lynx Touch control panels. The panels have received high ratings from customers and make it easy for you to type in your alarm code and to program your alarm to the settings you prefer. The control panel also comes with a display screen that clearly details each function the alarm system is performing. There are also catalogs for Honeywell and Gardall Safes on the Trust Security website, so that you can choose the exact alarm device that will function best in your home.

Once you decide which system you want, Trust Security connects a monitoring communicating system with a digital alarm to your device. This way, any time the security of your home or business is compromised, a signal will be sent to the computer alarm monitoring system at a Trust Security headquarters. The company will also offer connectivity services that make it convenient for you to monitor activity at your home or business even when you’re away. For instance, Trust Security offers cellular phone monitoring and wireless alarm monitoring, so you’ll know if someone is trying to intrude into your home or company when you receive a notification on your phone, computer or tablet.

Burglar alarm monitoring from Trust Security also comes with stellar customer service. A number of customers have expressed their satisfaction with the alarm company and feel a peace of mind as a result of having a Trust Security installed in their home or place of business. The company also offers a quick response time, so you will be notified right away if there is an intrusion or attempted break-in, and the proper authorities will be alerted as well. The staff is also very professional, knowledgeable and courteous, which will make you even more comfortable with using Trust Security alarm services.

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